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The Pleasure Of Owning Titanium Cookware

The first time I became aware of consumer titanium, was when I bought my glasses. Seems that I among other people are very allergic to some metals, and have had some bad reactions to metal wire rim frames, that manifested as burning wells were of the metal touched my skin.

Now standing still is a wonderful, hyper allergenic alternative for a ring posts, but if used for any visible surface. It is not very nice looking. So when I was offered stainless steel wire rim glasses, I was not at all impressed. Into the lovely pink tinted titanium. They are featherlight and have never had anything else sense. I will always stick with titanium glasses and even in my cookware I want it to be made of titanium.

So it would only stand to reason that he would eventually make titanium cookware. Don't let the light weight for you here, as I know you probably rightly associate a good set of cookware with heavyweight and durability. Titanium is extremely durable and warpable and scratch resistant.

It is a fact that titanium cookware is also nonporous and completely prevents any leaking of other metals and alloys it may be used in the manufacturing process, into the food. This promotes truly flavorful food, and nutrient and moisture retention are at its best.

If you are in the high tech things in this is actually very exciting. Titanium cookware's time has come! It is still a bit pricey, as a small frying pan can be just over $100. I would hope as time goes on, and it becomes more common to find cookware made of titanium, the competition will reduce the cost. In the meantime, the fact that cooking time is reduced with titanium cookware, and then the learner or all is necessary, we will save money. When cooking with titanium, we reduce the water we would usually using cooking. With water, Kevin Steen and Al Gore a lot of nutrients into the air. When they do no good. Titanium is clearly the new wonder metal. Even there were titanium is lovely.

There are some very lightweight titanium, that is used and titanium cookware and accessories for camping and backpacking. This product line also includes cups and dishes, which again would be great to bring on a camping trip, because of the light weight and durability. Keep an open mind as titanium cookware matures in the marketplace, and eventually comes down in price.


What is Hard Anodized Cookware?

When you are doing any kind of cooking in the kitchen you will be surrounded by different types of pot and pans which are cumulatively labeled as cookware. This cookware is made from different types of metals including aluminum which is a form of hard anodized cookware.

Hard anodized cookware is a new innovation that makes cooking even easier. This is a technique that oxidizes aluminum and makes it much harder than normal stainless steel. Even though the metal is harder it is still maintains its lightweight nature so the cookware is not heavy at all.

When cooking with some metals you have to worry about chipping, corrosion, and in some cases wherein the cooking surface of the cookware peels. This can all be harmful to the food being cooked and ultimately the pans have to be thrown away. With hard anodized cookware this is no longer a problem. In fact the surfaces are able to handle a very high heat and still perform without causing any health problems.

Most cookware will have you spray the pan with a lubricant before you start your cooking. With hard anodized cookware you do not want to spray anything in the pan because it could be a nightmare to clean up subsequently. Instead add a little oil or a dab of butter for lubricating the pan. Even though the surface is non stick in nature it always helps to add a little lubrication while the pan heats up.

Even though hard anodized cookware can be washed in the dishwasher it is not advisable. You can run the risk of the pan being discolored or even damaged because the soap is more abrasive. As with any non stick surface just add a little soap on your dishcloth and rinse in warm water. Grab a towel and dry the pan thoroughly.

If you happen to burn your food in the hard anodized cookware it is not a problem to remove at all. Place the pan in the sink and put a drop of dish soap in the pan. Then fill the pan with warm water and let it soak for about 30 minutes. Everything will gently wash away and the pan is good as new again.

As with any type of cookware over the years it might appear as though there are stains on the surface from all the usage. In order to remove the stains from the hard anodized cookware you will need to make a type of paste. Put a little baking soda in a bowl and add some water. Mix until you have a form of a paste. Get a nylon pad and gently rub some of the paste over the spots. Let everything sit for about 30 minutes, rinse the paste away, wash with soap, rinse the soap off, and then towel dry. The spots will be all gone.

Hard anodized cookware will cost you more than normal cookware but, it is not the most expensive in the market. This type of cookware comes with a warranty that will last the life of the pans unless you place them in the dishwasher because then the warranty is void. This cookware will not only last for you to cook on for many years but, you can pass on to your children as a legacy when they are ready to cook.


Romanian Culinary Art

When you say Romania, you start thinking of Transylvania and count Dracula. But what few people know is that Romania is a country with a great landscape and a great tradition in the art of cooking.

This country was occupied by many conquerors like the Romans, Greeks and Turks. This is why many of the recipes have ancient roots. Even today this tradition in cooking remained. Every region in Romania has its specific specialties.

So if you go to the mountain side don't stay at the hotel. We suggest you take a room in one of the locals villa. Villa managers are serving all sorts of traditional foods and you won't regret it. Hospitality is at high price in their houses.

On the menu we have the original all times favorite: Sarmale. Sarmale is a recipe that takes a lot of time to prepare. For the result to be outstanding, the dish must be prepared a long time before. Locals usually take fresh cabbage and put it in a barrel along with water and salt. They add all sorts of aromatic herbs like basil for example. The cabbage is left to soak in the salted water for about 3-4 months. This operation usually begins at the beginning of autumn so the cabbage is ready by Christmas.

Most Romanians will say that Sarmale are great during holidays. Once the cabbage is ready, a mixture of rice and minced meat will be prepared. Then they take parts of the composition the size of a meat ball and roll them in a cabbage leaf. Out of a bowl of meat and a cabbage you should get about 20 Sarmale. These are then cooked in the oven for almost an hour. Tomato sauce can make wonders to them while cooking. If you want to try this at home don't forget to spice the meat. They should be served warm with traditional bread. A glass of Palinca is also welcome. Palinca is a traditional drink similar to whiskey. The difference is that Palinca has plum flavor.

The middle of the country is also famous for the cheese. If you happen to come that way try some of the cheese. You will find it deliciously divine.

Another thing Romanians are renowned for is soup (ciorba). Their soups are extremely good especially served with hot peppers soaked in vinegar.

The most traditional food of Romania is Mamaliga (corn mush). They serve it hot with cheese, butter and yogurt. Combining this with sarmale and Tuica (grape brandy) will turn out to be a memorable culinary experience.

If you ever find a course of Romanian culinary art don't miss it because it will help you understand a lot of things of an unknown but happy place here on the planet. You can find and taste Romanian food in many restaurants all over the world well known for their great food and atmosphere. Don't worry if you don't find a place where you can learn how to cook Romanian style or other desired styles because there are a lot of books that will help you learn how too cook and maybe apply your knowledge in your own restaurant afterwards.


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